Who we are

Spoorthy Innovations is a team of technocrats with a passion to build technological ets with innovative approach. The team is committed to build world class technologies with the single focus of "Building Solutions for Optimal Resouce Utilization in the Challenging Environments". The team is additionally excited while handling the Challenges related to Social Problems!

What WE do?

Here are some of OUR expertise

Embdedded SYSTEMS

The Team has a collective experience of about 80 years in building embedded systems for varied   domains ranging from Engineering, Communications, Defence etc

Product Design

The team at Spoorthy works in collaborative mode to develop the products that suit the END USER requirements and usability. Experienced UI/UX team at Spoorthy is critical in building, testing and finalizing the Product Design.

Building & Modeling

Prototyping is the key part of the design, at Spoorthy we follow methodological approach in developing the products and services from concept to creation.

Product and Service Delivery Management

At Spoorthy we do not limit ourselves to the development of concept and design but have detailed quality managment systems in place to assure qualitative and quantititative delivery of Products and Services

Our Work

Recent Work

Work 01

Samart Liquid Dispensing System

100 49

Work 02

Water Vending Coin & Car

100 49

Work 03

IREM - Intelligent Remote Management System

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Work 04

Smart Rack

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Work 05

Smart Surveillance

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Work 06

High Speed Digital Circuits

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Recent Blog

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January 11, 2019 | Product Design | 4

Smart Vending

Changing are the times the way the products are served, unique vending solutions to revolutionize the Product Delivery Systems and User Experience.

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December 21, 2018 | Product Design | 4

Smart Meters

The new technology is going to radicalize the way the utility companies are going to work towards addressing their operational challenges with Technology - The SMART METERS.

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November 14, 2018 | System Integration | 4

Integration is the KEY

The sprouting of digital world is creating unforeseen challenges the way systems need to communicate with each other. The key in achieving precision accurate systems is INTEGRATION of all the system in common platform for data security and efficiency

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